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The BMS Ep.8 - A Craft Beer for the Damned

April 19th, 2018


This is Episode #8, the newest installment from The Beer Metal Show Podcast. A Show which is dedicated to the two best things, Craft Beer and Fuckin' Metal. A Craft Beer for the Damned is the title of this episode and is a play on the song title, A Curfew for the Damned by the mighty Edge of Sanity from Sweden. One of my favorite Death Metal bands. On this episode we have four amazing beers that we dissected and devoured for your listening pleasure. On day 1 we went with Austin's Hops & Grain Brewing Chingona, a 5.2% Lager with an amazing story behind the beer and Nomad Brewing Co. from Australia with their Freshie Salt & Pepper, a 4.5% Gose brewed with seawater, Tasmanian pepper berries, and coriander. On day 2 we dove right into a Stone Brewing collaboration beer called Neapolitan Dynamite, an 8.5% Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate, vanilla, strawberries and coffee, and we finished off the this episode with Thin Mint Stout, a 9.4% Sweet Stout brewed with mint, Madagascar vanilla, and dark chocolate malt by Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. from Houston, TX.

There are some amazing Metal Connections this episode, which includes songs by Derkéta, Exodus, Pink Cream 69, and Primitive Man.

Featured Band: Edge of Sanity
Songs played:

As always, please support these bands by purchasing their albums, and/or merchandise directly from them or their record labels. Watch out for bootlegs! Always, always, always, drink Craft Beer, local if available. Support these hard working people in both the Craft Beer and Music industry.

Background music provided by my good friends, Encrypted. Metal Connection intro is Monstrosity. The Beer Metal Show Podcast intro recorded by Terry Anderson (Voice Over Texas).

Cheers and Hails, Mother Fuckers!

Aaron "Beer Metal Dude" Mendiola
Maria "The Craft Brewja" Mendiola

The BMS Ep.7 - Craft Beer is Forever

April 7th, 2018


 This is Episode #7, the newest installment from The Beer Metal Show Podcast. A Show which is dedicated to the two best things, Craft Beer and Fuckin' Metal. It was Easter Sunday, and we found ourselves read to drink some beer, after we had a family lunch at my mother's house. Usually, we try to drink the beers reviewed separately throughout the week, so we don't get too trashed, but we said "Fuck it, let's drink all 4 beers today!"

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The BMS Ep.6(66) - When Craft Beer Rules this World

March 26th, 2018


This is Episode #6(66), the newest installment from The Beer Metal Show Podcast. A Show which is dedicated to the two best things, Craft Beer and Fuckin' Metal. On this episode we (The Beer Metal Dude & The Craft Brewja) find ourselves drinking and reviewing some Metal fuckin' beers from some great breweries. Read the rest of this entry »

The BMS Ep.5 - Like an Everflowing Beer

March 6th, 2018


Finally, we were able to finish episode 5. We had to deal with some illness over the past weeks, but we fought hard, and prevailed over that shit! We drank and reviewed 4 excellent Craft Beers from the great state of Texas, and paired them with some amazing fuckin' Metal! Download the episode and listen to The BeerMetalDude and TheCraftBrewja as we describe these beers in detail for you all. Don't let anything get in your way, as we did. Can't stop... Won't stop! Cheers and Horns up!

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The BMS Episode 4: The TUPPS Brewery Experience pt. 2

January 31st, 2018


Here we are with part 2 of the TUPPS Brewery Experience. The last 3 beers of this variety 6-pack are reviewed in this episode. Excellent Metal Connections as usual with these three. My co-host, my wife Maria "210Brewja" Mendiola and I had a really exciting time recording this episode. As much as we praise TUPPS  Brewery for being an awesome place with good beers, we had some mishaps with these three beers while recording this episode. You will have to hear this one to see what I am talking about.

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The BMS Episode 3: The TUPPS Brewery Experience pt. 1

January 17th, 2018


Greetings Mother Fuckers and Fuckettes, and welcome to episode #3 of The Beer Metal Show. I am your host, Aaron Mendioa, a.k.a. The Beer Metal Dude. Joining me today is my lovely wife, Maria, a.k.a. The 210 Brewja. This episode features beers from TUPPS Brewery out of McKinney, TX. A couple of years ago, for my birthday, we visited the Dallas, TX area and went to several breweries over a few days span. TUPPS was one of those breweries that we visited. Recently, they have opened distribution here in San Antonio, TX with their 6-pack variety box. In this episode, we reviewed the first 3 beers from this box, Day Off Kölsch, Texas Shade Wheat, and Cotton Mill Gold Pale Ale. There are excellent Metal Connections, as usual. Please be sure to check out all the bands, and beers featured within this episode.

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The BMS Episode 2: Craft Beer Reviews + Extreme Metal!

January 6th, 2018


Greetings Corpse Carvers an Craft Beer Drinkers, I am your host, Aaron Mendiola aka The Beer Metal Dude and welcome to Episode 2 of The Beer Metal Show Podcast.

Here we do Craft Beer Reviews with a nice little touch called The Metal Connection, where I pair a fun family friendly Metal song with the featured beer. I have been doing so since 2013 with my blog site, Recently I have decided to make a podcast, thus creating The Beer Metal Show.

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The BMS Episode 1: Craft Beer Reviews + Extreme Metal

December 8th, 2017


In late October 2017, a new idea came to mind. This idea was to put my reviews up in a podcast. I purchased some inexpensive equipment to start off with, since I am a cheap mother fucker, and I am good at making cheap shit work like luxurious shit! It was definitely a lot easier to talk about a beer over a microphone rather than typing out what I was trying to say in paragraph form for the blog. I will still put up a written review here and there for those that are not reviewed on the podcast, but majority of my beer reviews will now be talked about. I hope you still follow my Craft Beer & Metal journey, and click the link to the podcast. Please share it, comment, like it, all that good shit.

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